Create a Hybrid Loan Request

Step-by-step guide on how to create a Hybrid Loan request on Sodium

>>>> Watch a video tutorial or follow the steps below <<<<

  1. After connecting your wallet, head to the [Borrowing] page

  2. All NFTs that are whitelisted on Sodium will be visible on this page now. Those NFTs that are marked with the label [Instant Loan] are eligible for a Hybrid Loan (instant pool + optional peer request)

3. Click on [Create Request] & select the [Hybrid Loan] option

  1. Set the Hybrid Loan parameters: the loan amount (wETH) & the loan duration (days)

  1. You will see the amount of Instant Loan available, provided by the Lending Pool(s). APR will be 0% for the Instant Loan if you own the Sodium Zero Pass.

  1. Hover on the orange bar to select the amount of Instant Loan you'd like to receive immediately after the loan is confirmed

  1. Optionally, you can request the rest of the loan via a P2Peer loan request. Set the initial APR (%) for the P2Peer loan request. Lenders might submit their offers within 48h, and you will be able to choose from incoming loan offers then

  1. See the Hyrbid Loan request summary. The selected [Instant Loan] will be transferred to your wallet immediately, and the [Peer request] remains open for 48h. Confirm the request summary by clicking [Start Loan]

  1. Next, you will be redirected to the loan request page. The yellow part of the circle indicates the accepted amount of the Instant Loan. On the same page, you will be able to accept the Peer Loan offers. The new offers will appear on the Loan Information widget. Click [Accept Offers] to see and accept loan offers from the Peer market. Click [Stop Collecting Offers] when you're satisfied with your loan fulfilment

  1. Find your loans in [My Loans] > [Borrowing]

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