Lending Pool

Lenders who don't wish to actively manage their funds can simply deposit said funds into their own Private Lending Pool with custom terms which satisfies their risk/reward expectations.

Sodium Lending Pool is extremely flexible and powerful tool to create automated lending markets, which fits both NFT Founders and Professional LPs.

  • For DAOs and NFT Founders: Support your own collection by providing the best terms on the market; decreased selling pressure leads to more stable floor prices and incentivizes community growth

  • For Professional Lenders: Create a cross-collection lending market to cover more deals for better liquidity utilization; set different risk-reward parameters for different collections to get maximum returns

When contributing to the Loan Request, the Lending Pool will always take the place in the Lending Queue according to its APR and LTV ratio (risk limit) and never exceed it, following the same rules and taking the same risks as any other Lender in the Queue.

More about pools and instant liquidity: Lending AMM

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