Become a P2Pool Lender

Step-by-step guide on how to create a Lending Pool on Sodium
>>>> Watch a video tutorial or follow the steps below <<<<
  1. 2.
    After connecting your wallet, head to the [Lending Pool] page to create a Pool
  1. 3.
    Select collection(s) and set individual parameters like Oracle, APR, and LTV Ratio for each of them. You can edit these parameters at any time after creating a pool. Read More about Pool Parameters
  1. 4.
    Add as many collections as you wish to your pool & click [Next Step]
  1. 5.
    Choose the amount you would like to deposit to the Lending Pool. You can deposit more funds or withdraw funds anytime after creating the pool. Click [Create Pool] and confirm the transaction in your wallet
  1. 6.
    After the transaction is processed, you will be redirected to the [Lending Pool] page where you can find:
  • Your current Lending Pool statistics
  • Edit or pause the Lending Pool
  • Withdraw or Deposit funds