Zero Pass

Zero Pass is a non-transfferable erc721 NFT which allows its holder to access exclusive utility while using Sodium Protocol.

Zero Pass allows borrowers to access zero-interest liquidity provided by the Sodium Team. It takes down the opportunity cost to as low as zero!

To be eligible, borrowers have to:

  • Hold a Zero Pass in the wallet they wish to borrow with

  • Pledge one of listed NFTs as collateral

  • ????

  • Free money

Note: zero-interest liquidity is offered by a special launch pool with a predetermined LTV ratio for each collection. Allowed LTV ratio could vary depending on the collection floor price volatility.

If the amount of zero-interest liquidity is not enough, additional liquidity can always be borrowed from pools/peers placed further in the Lending Queue, however additional lenders will have to be compensated according to the offered APR.

Zero Pass utility is expected to grow and improve, more exclusive features willbe introduced to it's holders in the future!

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