Become a P2Peer Lender

Step-by-step guide on how to become a P2Peer Lender on Sodium

>>>> Watch a video tutorial or follow the steps below <<<<

  1. Go to the [Lending Page] to see the list of open Loan requests

  1. Click on [Details] to find the specific Request Details

  1. Tap [Lend] to see the details of your loan contribution. Prior to the final confirmation, check your valuation (the amount that has to be paid by the Borrower/Liquidation participants in order for you to be repaid at the end of the term), other lenders' offers & your place in the Lending Queue. Read more about the Lending Queue, the Loan Repayment & the Liquidation auction

  1. Set the Loan Amount & click [Lend Now]

  1. Check the loan details. If you don't have enough wETH in your wallet, then confirm the wrap action in your wallet. Click [Confirm] & approve the transaction in your wallet.

  1. Activate the Loan email notifications to recieve important info regarding your Sodium loan

  1. Your loan offer will be marked with the [Pending] status until the borrower accepts your offer

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